2 Reasons to Consider a Modern, High-Tech Lock

1 December 2015
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Replacing the traditional locks on your home with modern, high-tech locking systems is a great idea because of the many benefits that the new locks can provide. Listed below are two great reasons to consider a high-tech lock.

Multiple Unlocking Methods

One of the best parts of choosing a high-tech lock for your home is the sheer number of different types of locks. For example, high-tech locks can come in biometric, wireless, and key-code systems. 

A biometric lock is designed to open when it detects the fingerprint of an authorized individual while a key-code lock will typically require an alpha-numeric code to access the home. A wireless lock can come in various models that will either require you to press a button on a dongle or utilize a smartphone app to unlock the door.

Some wireless locks are also designed to simply unlock once someone touches the door handle and the lock detects that an authorized dongle is within range. The range is typically quite small so that it will really only detect the dongle if you are standing directly in front of the door.

Guest Access

High-tech locking systems can also provide you with really easy ways to let guests into your home. For example, a wireless lock can often be accessed remotely through a secure website. This will allow you to let guests into your home if they are going to be arriving while you are out shopping or are stuck at work. 

Some locks will also allow you to establish guest passes for your home. These passes will allow you to assign a guest with a pass that will allow him or her to unlock the door with a smartphone app, but the pass will only work for as long as you specify.

For example, you could create a guest pass that will only work for a few days and then expire so that your guest can no longer access the home once his or her visit is over. You can even utilize these guest passes to create a window of time in which they will work, such as only allowing the guest pass to allow someone into your home in the afternoons or evenings.

Speak to a local locksmith today, such as A-Dave's Lock & Safe, to discuss which high-tech locks would work best for you. A high-tech lock is a great option because it can make it easy to provide guests with access to your home. In addition, high-tech locks can provide you with a wide variety of unlocking methods.