Live In A Tropical Climate? 3 Reasons To Opt For A Storm Door Leading Outside

28 June 2016
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Living in a tropical climate means that you're going to experience more storms than the average place, making it important that your home is prepared for the heavy wind and rain associated with tropical storms and hurricanes. While some damage cannot be prevented, especially to the exterior of your home, such as with your landscaping, there are a number of things you can do to the exterior to help protect the interior of your home at the same time. The best way to do this is by replacing your regular doors with storm doors.

If you're unsure of what the benefits are of getting storm doors installed, consider some of the following benefits.

Helps Improve Energy Efficiency

A little-known benefit that comes with storm doors is improved energy efficiency. Insulation for storm doors is typically very good, helping to prevent cold and warm air from coming indoors. This can be great for tropical climates since it's often more humid and hot than other areas. When choosing a storm door with energy efficiency in mind, make sure to pay attention to the installation and what you can expect in terms of savings afterwards.

Adds an Extra Sound Barrier During Storms

During heavy storms in tropical climates, you'll likely be hearing a lot of thunder and heavy winds. Storm doors will provide an extra sound barrier, making the interior of your home much quieter and allowing you to sleep through the night without hearing the wind howling and the rain coming down outside.

Reduces the Risk of Your Door Breaking

The number one reason to choose storm doors for your home in tropical climates is their durability. Your typical door may not be able to withstand the wind and other effects of the storm, leading to the inside of your home being damaged if the door breaks open. When choosing storm doors, make sure that you prioritize doors that are built with durability in mind. This often means to choose solid wood doors and even steel reinforcement.

Understanding the benefits of storm doors compared to the typical door will go a long way towards making you feel confident with your purchase and will make your home safer as a result. Having an idea of the benefits of storm doors will also help you come up with your own list of the features that are the most important to you when purchasing a storm door. If you have questions about door installation or would like new doors installed, contact Southern Specialty Corporation.