3 Creative Uses For Old Stair Balusters

1 November 2016
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Remodeling your home often involves updating the look of any stairs that might be included in your home's design. Swapping out the existing balusters for new ones can have a dramatic impact on the overall look and feel of your home.

If you have recently updated your home's stairs, here are three creative ways that you can recycle your old stair balusters.

1. Create a whimsical holiday tree.

Your old stair balusters can serve as the trunk for a whimsical holiday tree. All you need to do is select the baluster that you want to use, then invest in a piece of decorative wood to serve as the base. Cut some lengths of wire to serve as the branches of your tree, using longer wires near the base and shorter wires near the top to create a tapered effect.

Bend the wires to given them some shape, then drill holes into the side of the baluster and attach the wires. Add some holiday ornaments and lights, and you will have a whimsical tree that you can be proud to display in your home.

2. Create a unique window valance.

The addition of a window valance can add drama and character to any room in your home. The old balusters that you removed from your stairs during a remodel can be used to create a unique window valance.

Start by purchasing a wood plank that matches the length of your window. Trim your balusters down to size, using varying lengths to create an interesting pattern. Attach the balusters to the plank using an electric drill, then paint or stain the entire valance. Once you hang your new valance, it will add dimension and interest to your home.

3. Make some new picture frames.

If you have photographs or artwork that need to be framed, your old stair balusters could serve as the base for some picture frames. Start by measuring the piece of art that you need framed, then trimming your balusters down to size in order to create the four sides of the frame.

Attach the balusters to one another using a drill or some wood glue, then paint or stain the entire frame. Place your artwork or photograph inside the frame, and hang on your home's wall to enjoy a unique display.

Finding ways to incorporate your old stair balusters into your home after they are replaced in a remodel is easy. Try creating a holiday tree, window valance, or picture frames from your old balusters.