4 Ways To Enhance Security Around Your Commercial Garage Doors

21 August 2018
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You rely on your commercial garage doors on a daily basis to keep your business protected. And while it's true that today's commercial garage doors are made with more durable and secure materials than ever--and that garage door security has come a long way in recent years--the fact remains that break-ins can and do occur. The good news is that there are a few steps all business owners can take to improve security around their commercial garage doors, thus reducing their chances of a break-in.

Consider Adding a Padlock

Unfortunately, today's thieves and burglars have also gotten more advanced in the ways that they bypass garage door security features. For example, it is sometimes possible to break into a garage door by slipping something small underneath the door base and tripping a security-open setting inside. Fortunately, this type of security vulnerability can be easily avoided by adding a second layer of protection in the form of a garage door padlock.

Install a Security System

Oftentimes, attempted garage door break-ins occur during non-business hours. With this in mind, it's a good idea to have a security system installed at your place of business that will alert you if a garage door or other point of entry is breached while you're away. In some cases, simply having this extra protection (along with outdoor surveillance cameras visible) is enough to deter criminals.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

When was the last time you had your commercial garage doors and door openers carefully inspected? If it's been more than a year, you could have security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed and repaired. Scheduling routine maintenance on your doors and door openers is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and make sure your doors are properly secured.

Upgrade to a Rolling-Code Opener

If you have an older commercial garage door, make sure you have a rolling-code door opener that will use a different, unique code to open each time. Otherwise, you could end up falling victim to a "code-grabber," which can be used to read your older garage door's default signal and use it to break in. Upgrading to a rolling-code system will mean installing a new garage door opener, but many business owners would agree that this is a small price to pay for the added security and peace of mind. A commercial garage door company can take care of this for you!