Top Benefits Of Door Closing Equipment

12 September 2019
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Door closing equipment is typically installed on interior doors. The idea behind door closing equipment is simple — a door closer is a device that ensures that a door always automatically closes tightly after it is opened. Many businesses have door closing equipment installed when they have new doors installed, but a door closer can be installed at any time. Whether you're constructing a commercial building or planning to renovate one, it is always in your best interest to ensure that each door has a door closer installed on it. Some of the top benefits of door closing equipment include the following.


One of the top reasons that door closing equipment is installed on doors is due to safety reasons. In fact, some cities and municipalities require door closers in their building codes. In the event that there is a fire inside a commercial building, tightly closed doors equipped with door closing equipment can help prevent the fire and smoke from spreading rapidly to other areas. This can make a huge difference when a building is occupied and needs to be safely evacuated. Even if your local building or fire code does not require door closing equipment, it is still a good idea to install a door closer on every door.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling a commercial building tends to be a very large expense each month, since many commercial buildings are large in size. Since keeping a building at a comfortable temperature can be costly, the last thing any building owner would want is the warm or cool air flowing out because one or more doors were not completely closed. When door closing equipment is installed on interior doors that exit to the outdoors, this problem is eliminated. A door that is equipped with a door closer will always close tightly automatically, which can help with energy efficiency and keeping heating and cooling costs down.


Security is very important for a commercial building, especially outside of normal business hours. If a door is accidentally not closed all the way at the end of the day, the building is at an increased risk of an intruder breaking in. Many commercial doors can be designed to automatically lock from the outside, but in order for them to work, the door has to be completely closed. If there is door closing equipment on all doors that lead outside, you can have the peace of mind that your building will be as secure as possible.

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